Teen Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Has your teen been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder ?
  • Are you struggling as a parent on how to support your teen who has ASD?
  • Is your teen having trouble in school due to ASD?
  • Do you have difficulty communicating with your school about your teen’s ASD?
  • Are the siblings of your teen with ASD affected negatively by their behavior?
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Teen Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

If you answered yes to any of these questions, therapy can help your teen and family to cope and thrive with ASD. ASD is a prominent disorder in teens, affecting 1 in 54 children according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control). ASD is a developmental disability that is characterized by difficulty with reading social cues, communication and behavioral challenges. A diagnosis of ASD will typically come from your Primary Care Physician or pediatrician. Autism is now considered a spectrum disorder and children with ASD communicate, interact, behave and learn in ways that are not typical for other children. The spectrum can range from gifted to severely challenged. For some it means they need a lot of help in daily life and others will need less.

At Campbell Teen & Family Therapy, Inc. we are here to help. While our therapist do not diagnose ASD, we can help children, teens, siblings and families to learn how to cope and thrive. We can work with the individual on building social skills, we can work with the parents by supporting them through their struggle and how it might affect their marriage and we can work with the siblings of children/teens with ASD to learn how to understand and how to get their needs met in healthy ways.

It is typical for a family with ASD to be unbalanced, meaning that the one with the symptoms takes lots of time and effort and the siblings often overcompensate by being “the one who doesn’t cause any problems” thus often isolating or trying to be a perfectionist. We try to restore balance to the family so that all members of the family get their needs met in a healthy way. We can also work with the school and make sure the 504 plan or IEP (Individual Education Plan) is working and that the proper accommodations are being used.

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