Child Therapy

  • How do I know if my child needs therapy?
  • How does therapy for children work?
  • Can children get anxiety and depression?
  • How are the parents involved in child therapy?
  • How do you know when it’s just a phase or when something is wrong?
child therapy

Parenting can be hard. It is difficult to know when your child might need help.

Some signs that your child might need therapy are if they are acting out, withdrawn, worried all the time, grades dropping or even talking about death.

The mental health crisis is on the rise and children are not immune. The hard part is children often don’t tell you that they are anxious or depressed, but rather they communicate it through their actions. Depression in children often looks more like acting out behaviors and can present as an irritable or angry mood.

Play therapy is a form of psychotherapy designed for children and utilizes play, a natural form of expression for children, to help them express their feelings more easily. Play is a child’s language and it can provide a great deal of therapeutic healing, particularly when a child doesn’t yet have the words to express the complexity of their thoughts and feelings. While children may not be able to talk about their feelings, they may select figures to play with and enact a dialogue that reflects their own true feelings. Through Play Therapy, children have an opportunity to problem solve and to benefit from a healing emotional experience.

At Campbell Teen & Family Therapy, Inc., we are here to help. Children can and do benefit from therapy. At CTFT, we are experts in translating our interventions into child language. We know how to communicate with children through art, play and sometimes acting or writing. We support the parents in knowing how to help and support their suffering child. We build communication skills between parents and children that can last a life time.

Ready to get started?

If you think your child needs help, please reach out and call (408) 628-0532 . We can evaluate your child and help make the determination of whether or not child therapy is right for you and your family. Parenting takes a village and we are happy to help! Campbell Teen & Family Therapy, Inc. (CTFT) is proud to provide services for Campbell, San Jose and the entire Bay Area!