Family Based Therapy (FBT)

  • Has your teen recently been diagnosed with Anorexia?
  • What is Family Based Therapy?
  • How do I know if Family Based Therapy is right for my family?

Family-Based Treatment, or FBT, is a type of psychological treatment to treat eating disorders.

It is offered by therapists who are trained in the method and following the FBT treatment manuals. FBT is a type of family therapy, where the patient and the family visit the therapist together. FBT differs from most family therapy approaches for eating disorders:

  • FBT is “agnostic” about the cause of eating disorders, and does not try to find underlying issues or causes
  • Parents are asked to take over decisions about food for the first part of treatment
  • Siblings are included
  • Therapists coach parents in finding their own solutions to challenges during treatment
  • Food is medicine
  • There is a “family meal” session early in treatment where patients are asked to resist, and parents are coached in how to overcome resistance

FBT was originally designed for treating anorexia nervosa, is also manualized for bulimia nervosa. Most of the research for FBT has been done with adolescents.

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