Teen Therapy

  • How do you know when your teen needs therapy?
  • Is communicating with your teen difficult?
  • Do you wonder if you are doing the right thing as a parent?
  • Do you worry if your teen will be ready for the real world?
  • Is your teen asking for someone to talk to?
teen therapy counseling

Interpreting teens behaviors can be extremely challenging for a parent!

Teens are known to be moody and to not talk to their parents. It can be hard to tell when a teen’s behaviors are just normal teen angst or when they are a sign that your teen may need help. A Mental Health Crisis has been brewing for years and the pandemic seems to have ignited the flames. Some signs that your teen might need therapy are if their grades are dropping, if they are isolating more than usual in their room, if they are acting out in school, if they seem to be losing interest in things they used to enjoy or if they are constantly irritable or moody.

Parenting a teen can be difficult and knowing what is “normal” is hard. This is the time they need support and advice more than ever, but is also the time in their lives where they may be the least likely to talk to a parent. No fault or blame on the parents, teens want to be autonomous and they are trying to develop their own sense of identity, trying to solve problems on their own, or have shame around their problem.

Having a therapist for your teen to talk to has never been so important.

As a parent of a teen myself, I am aware that I can’t solve my teens problems. It drives me nuts as I remind them that I do this for a living and people pay for my advice, yet they are stubborn and want to figure it out on their own or will believe the advice of others readily even if it’s the same advice I already told them and they refused to listen to.

I remember what it was like. There were many things I would have never gone to my parents about and wish I had. In my home, I try to make sure that my kids have lots of other adults to talk to as I can’t rely on them always turning to me, and in the end, I want a safe person for them to talk to.

Ready to get started?

At Campbell Teen & Family Therapy, Inc. we are experts in helping teens and their families! With our specialty on adolescents, we are competent at not just helping your teen with the difficult challenges they face, but also with helping parents know what to do, when to back off, when to draw the line and to just know they aren’t alone. Call now (408) 628-0532 to schedule and assessment to see if therapy is right for your teen, we are happy to help and believe that raising a teen takes a village! Campbell Teen & Family Therapy, Inc. (CTFT) is proud to provide services for Campbell, San Jose and the entire Bay Area!