About Us

Campbell Teen & Family Therapy (CTFT)

​ Campbell Teen & Family Therapy, Inc. is proud to provide services for Campbell, San Jose and the entire Bay Area!  CTFT offers individual therapy, psychiatry services, group therapy and family therapy.

CTFT is built on the values of helping teens and families and giving back to the community. Having a team versus being a solo practitioner is important. One of the biggest contributing factors to the success of therapy is goodness of fit. In order for therapy to work the client needs to have the right person. Having a diverse staff means that patients have a choice about who they see and we do our best to match a client with the therapist who is just right for them!

At Campbell Teen & Family Therapy, our staff members are like minded and believe that supporting a teen sometimes takes a village. Having a team means that parents can have their needs met too, whether it is through parent coaching, individual therapy, couples therapy or family therapy, we can provide all of the support a parent might need when raising a family.

Often parents are heard saying “they wish there was a handbook for how to raise their kids.” We offer parent coaching using techniques from Love and Logic and Positive Discipline. We believe that parenting approaches are not a one size fits all and work with parents to find the approach that best meets their needs.

In family therapy, we go outside of the box in our treatment. We are wiling to work with any members of the family who are willing and able to come. We offer sessions with any combination of family members we believe should be there; parent and child, just parents, siblings only or all members present at once. We believe that any change made in any one member of the family will affect change in the entire system. .

We believe that therapy should be accessible to all. At CTFT we give back, by volunteering to provide pro bono therapy to foster kids through a program called “A Home Within.” So when you come to our practice, you are not just helping your family, but those families who can’t otherwise have access to mental health treatment.

CTFT was founded in 2011 and is owned by Ingrid Higgins, MFT