My Body is a Vessel

My body is a vessel. It will carry me through this life. I will take care of it to the best of my ability. I will respect it. I will love it. I will listen to each of its imperfections and the wisdom they have for me. I will love the imperfections and care for them.

My body has so much wisdom! It holds my mind, it holds my spirit, and it holds my soul. My body has a job. It carries me. It gives me energy. It holds my emotions. It holds my intelligence. It can bring life and sustain life.

I will learn to listen to its wisdom. I will not starve it. I will not overload it. I will learn that if I am still and pay attention, my body will tell me just what it needs. It knows when it is full. It knows when it is hungry. It doesn’t need a clock, or a point system, or a calorie counter. It has a system built inside that knows just the right amount of fuel to give it the energy it needs to carry me through the day. I will not disrespect it or that system.

My body knows when I am tired and it will tell me to rest. It will tell me when I am stressed, and I will take a break. I will not envy other’s bodies, because I will remember that my vessel is created just for me and it has just what I need to take me through this life. I will remember that all vessels come in different shapes and sizes and I will not compare it to others.

I am the captain of this vessel. It was created for me, and I will make it what I want it to be. I will demand the respect it deserves not just from others but from myself. I will remember that while others can hurt my body, I do the majority of the damage to it myself. I will not do that. I will look for each flaw and I will embrace it and love it and ask it what it needs and I will hold it up in the utmost respect even in all of its imperfection.

My body is perfect for me. Flaws and all. It will carry me through this life.